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Project Management


Project Managers are tasked to complete projects successfully, efficiently, on time, and within budget. Organizations rely on trained professionals to generate and follow processes to accomplish critical goals.

The Center for Leadership and Development offers courses appropriate for anyone from new project managers and those taking on the role within other departments, to more experienced professionals interested in certification

Facility Management


Facility management is a broad field, offering students the opportunity to learn how to coordinate a place of business with the people in it. Courses integrate technology, management skills, and specific techniques to help provide students with the tools they need to succeed in future careers in this field.

National Vocational Qualification (NVQ)


Level 6 In Occupational Health & Safety Practice
Work on an equal footing with other professionals, without any worries of exams, getting your International Level 6 Diploma (Degree Qualification equivalent) as fast as you want.

We providing the services to all the courses of NVQ .

Computer skills training


The course provides information technology literacy and basic skills training for learners with limited experience. Course learning outcomes focus on skill development related to basic computer operations and information technology.

Tuition for all Grades


Experienced tutors providing one to one classes for students of grades 1 to 10.We specialize in English, Mathematics and Science (Physics and Chemistry) but also teach any subject the student needs special attention in.

English communication skills training


Being able to speak and write really well is a powerful ability. This course will quickly boost your English communication skills. You will be shown how to choose the right tone and voice in different moments and be introduced to techniques used for presentations, imaginative writing, and issue analysis. This will equip you with communication skills for a wide range of situations and audiences, which will be a fantastic boost for your confidence.

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